Diaspora Survey

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  • For the Armenian Diaspora Online Survey questions see here Armenian DiasporaQ
  • Raw data is available upon request for research purposes only (see here for contacts)

VERY PRELIMINARY summary of results and thoughts from the Armenian Diaspora Online Survey (Dec 2015-April 2018)

  1. The first Armenian Diaspora survey was conducted online between Dec 2015 – April 2018
  2. Language: English
  3. Target sample: English speaking, primarily US-residing ethnic Armenians
  4. 513 responses –
  5. NO external funding or any type of support
  6. All anonymous
  7. Mix of close- and open-ended questions
  8. 55.6% male and 44.4% female
  9. Majority with “Western” Armenian as the native language
  10. OLD diaspora – greater share
  11. 73% been to Armenia but primarily as tourists, 1-2 weeks (42%)
  12. Respondents follow the news on a daily / weekly basis and feel strong on average affiliation with Armenia + Armenian world
    1. Strong emotional attachment 49.6% + another 30.6% somewhat strong
  13. Readiness to participate, though very limited interest in moving in general or moving for work
  14. 59.6% have donated to an Armenian organization and 82.8% are ready to help individuals/organizations dealing with Armenia
  15. Strong emphasis on NON_FINANCIAL assistance
    1. Lectures & knowledge sharing (56.9%) / teaching / cultural /medical support


There’s strong emotional involvement with Armenia including among the “old” diaspora who primarily have only cultural affiliation with the country. This is still an indication of yet untapped potential that may contribute to the development as one of development forces. Despite obvious dispersion and strong influence of perception, the proposed opportunities for involvement offer much room for diaspora engagement.

WHAT TO DO [very basic thoughts] & a Diaspora-Portal:

  1. Diaspora centers involved in labor migration processes, here
  2. Accumulating efforts may be a diaspora-portal (DP): a web-based sorting database
  3. By means of DP anyone could submit signal their interest in involvement in whichever capacity appropriate by filling out a pre-set form
  4. The algorithm immediately verifies / clears the request and allocates this data in an appropriate bucket.
  5. The latter action results in 1) the information being distributed to the subscribers on the receiving side and 2) automatically storing in the general searchable database.
  6. There is a possibility for automatic filtering and sorting and matching in case of precisely submitted DP signal.
  7. Technical specifications may further be enhanced but the end result is a possible connection with someone in the diaspora willing to volunteer (non-financial) their time/effort/knowledge with someone in Armenia (recipient) who may benefit from such procurement.
  8. The system is web-based. However, it may be deployed via basic payment terminals or by other means across the country.

Short summary of the ADOS and Diaspora-Portal proposal, read here.

Long summary of the ADOS and Diaspora-Portal proposal, read here.